Hello and thank you for coming to my website.


My name is Ian Henry, and Bauble is a little toy that I’ve been working on. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with it, and I thought that someone else might want to play with it too.

If you’re having fun playing with it, please get in touch, and let me know what you’re using it for. It will inspire me to work more on it, and will help me to prioritize what comes next.


Bauble owes its existence to the work of Inigo Quilez. Most of the signed distance functions that Bauble produces are either based on or inspired by the code that Inigo Quilez has published.

Bauble would also not be possible without CodeMirror, an excellent editor component, so thanks to Marijn Haverbeke for making such an awesome tool.

Bauble includes fast procedural noise functions written by Stefan Gustavson, so a huge thanks for sharing those with the procedural art community.

And of course Bauble would be a lot less fun without Janet powering its expression language, so thanks also to Calvin Rose for making such an elegant embeddable language.


There’s a lot that I’d like to add to Bauble when I find the time. In rough order of priority:

And probably a hundred more things that I’m forgetting right now.